Friday, August 5, 2011

Pick of the Day!

It appears cherries and yummy berries are on the minds of the Fashion Crimes clan, as once again it appears in our pick of the day! A classy chicklet necklace accented with fun cherry bunches, a strawberry rhinestone ring, a red crystal star fish ring, and white bead dream catcher earrings all compliment each other wonderfully, and can be worn casually or formally depending on how you style it. Notice that great lips purse? It's obvious we love this clutch, it has definitely made an appearance on our blog before (click HERE to view previous posts!).
Oh black and white stripes! So easy to accessorize, and everyone looks good in stripes, whether it be jewellery or a dress. The extra chunky, zebra stripe, stretch bracelet is a great addition to your accessory collection; it's subtle but the asymmetry of the beads suggest a slight edge. You know where to find it, so come on in and see us!!
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