Friday, August 5, 2011

Pick of the Day!

Fringe-wear is the theme for the pick of the day; whether it be around your neck, off your shoulders, or dangling from your ears! Fashion Crimes has an assortment of fringe epaulets (pictured above) that you fasten around your shoulder with a chain, and it comes in black, white, cream, and taupe. You can wear one on each shoulder, or just do one epaulet; add a fun accent to that plain one-shoulder dress that's been sitting in your closet!
These fabulous macrame necklaces (pictured above) have beautiful detail at the top with extra long fringe dropping from the centre. They come in beige and black and are among the newest merchandise to enter Pam Chorley's wonderful boutique. Below is a four layered crystal and chain fringe necklace, which has a mix of gold and silver metals. This statement piece is surrounded by shoulder duster length chain fringe earrings that are exclusive to Fashion Crimes. Our in house jewellery designer Brienna Delorey created these beauties, and they come in a wide variety of styles and colours. Longing for jewelery that is unique and current? Fashion Crimes is the place to visit!!
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