Friday, July 22, 2011

Dream Jefferson's Album Release

Summer sales are one of the things that make summer in Toronto so awesome! FC has a wonderful sale rack filled with original designs all under $100, including the Jezebel Wiggle dress in floral cottons. I am a huge fan of this particular style; that is me at our store front rocking the Jezebel Wiggle in yellow chintz fabric accessorized with the white Bendy Sun Hat and white lucite bangle. Can you believe this dress is on sale?? I am having difficulty not buying it for myself, so you best get your beautiful face into Fashion Crimes before it's too late!

Recognize these gents? Refer to previous blog posts if you need a refresher. Here I am again wearing a Jezebel Wiggle dress (so yes, I am in love with this style!) sandwiched between the sweethearts of Dream Jefferson, a local hip hop duo. Fashion Crimes congratulates our friends Dream Jefferson on the release of their second EP Punch Perm, which is FREE online. Click HERE to download the album, and chances are you will hear it in the store as you try on dress after dress after dress....
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