Thursday, July 14, 2011

Destined to be a Star!

Upon a visit to Fashion Crimes with his mom Jackie, little Reid made no hesitation in bolting directly for a bright fuchsia sequin bolero hanging in the children's section and demanded it be put on him. We all feel in love with this little man as he rocked the sparkly shrug; he was so excited it was difficult to get a clear photograph taken of him (so I went ahead and included all 3 pictures). This moment reminded me of the numerous times men have entered our store with the question "why isn't there a store like this for men?", and seeing Reid unapologetically sporting the flashy fashion piece, I immediately wanted to commemorate some of the talented male figures who are not afraid to step outside the neutral colour palette.

The Glam rock era was a terrific time for men to explore their more colourful side. Figures like Adam Ant and David Bowie (pictured) used both their music and personal style as art to express themselves, while never compromising their values and beliefs in the name of public opinion. Many others followed suit, while keeping their true selves in check. Whether it's the men of rock legends KISS, or the ever eccentric David Lee Roth (pictured), the amount of pink and glitter in an outfit never defined them, although it definitely helped us all to never forget them! And how can I write about men and their sparkles without mentioning my personal fave: Asano Tadanobu (pictured) in Ichi the Killer (a film definitely not for those with a weak stomach!), playing a deranged man in the pursuit of revenge while wearing shimmery purple velvet suits covered in fabulous sequins and embroidery. Amazing! You guys rock, but our little Reid outshines all of you; and mark my words, he will be a big bright shining star!!

Here, Reid has everyone's attention as his proud mother glows with delight!

So guys what are you afraid of? Drop into Fashion Crimes, throw on a hot pink feather boa, add some rhinestones, and show us your muscles!!
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