Thursday, March 25, 2010

Melina Pispa at AXDW


Ok, truth is we were a bit taken aback about Melina Pispa AW2010/11. I suppose it's not only me who thinks it was all too summery for a winter collection, right? But that doesn't take anything away from the fact that I loved it and I would totally wear most of the pieces. In summer. Especially that sky blue one-piece with the leaf print on top of this post. Even though my fellow bloggers gave me that puzzled "you're kidding us, right?" look when I mentioned that. Well, at least *I'd try* to pull it off.
I almost forgot to mention that half of Melina Pispa's collection was wedding dresses, so if you're into that stuff (wedding paraphernalia is like a cult for some girls) here's the finale video where all the models are dressed in white!

UPDATE: We have feedback! According to the comment you'll see below, the show was actually Spring/Summer 2010, so that's why everything spelled summer to us. Sorted!
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