Thursday, March 18, 2010


Thanks to the fashion junior who has had hours of fun/research surfing the web while I toiled in Paris, the website NOWNESS is on my radar. It has just been added to the blogroll. I clicked on it this morning to manifest a visual break from the catwalk collections I have been viewing for days on end at Catwalking and Style. And to reinforce the fact I have FINISHED my edit of the AW10 collections - my homework after the shows are over. On NOWNESS I saw this photograph of the Dubai skyline by Iwan Baan and it made me gasp and feel a sense of wonder and awe at the possibilities of life and work and dreams. Wanted to share that with y'all. Have a great day.

 We found this interview with Kamel Ouadi from NOWNESS on (a permanent fixture on our Google Readers) published just before its launch. His eloquent explanation tells you all you need to know about the site of the moment:

'NOWNESS will inspire and turn you on to the latest developments on fashion and culture in a highly curated and thoughtful way. NOWNESS is about carrying a moment in time with you. It sums up a certain feeling when you get a moment of inspiration that lives in your imagination during the day.'

'This site will be about the art of living and involve luxury well beyond product categories. It will inform and inspire. It will bring excitement to the everyday. And, it will feature only exclusive content — a key factor distinguishing it from other luxury websites. It will be an inspirational and experiential site.'

'The site is about inspiring people. It’s also about personalisation of luxury inspiration. A “Love/Don’t Love” button allows users to interact with the content. The impulse to love will drive recommended content to the user, the impulse to love will also tell us how people are responding to the experience.'

'The site is dedicated to collaborating with the world’s foremost designers, creatives and thinkers in the luxury industry. Visitors can enjoy featured work by leading artists such as Wong Kar-Wai, Patti Smith, Lucien Freud, Francesco Vezzoli, Rodarte, Raf Simons, John Galliano for Dior, and Nick Cave.' 
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