Saturday, February 11, 2012

MadWalk 2012 madwalk2012

MadWalk 2012 took place last Wednesday and this time I was there.

As you probably know, the event is a fusion of a music concert and a catwalk show, so the place was packed with teens trying to get a glimpse of their favourite artist as well as some fashion lovers hopelessly trying to actually see the clothes. As that was kinda impossible due to huge place and our seats being of the nosebleed kind, the pics I'll be posting here will be more about depicting the atmosphere and less about the couture.

Enjoy! madwalk2012 entasi martakis
Intro of a model waving her hands but not actually walking the runway due to a case of impossibly huge dress. madwalk2012 celia kritharioti demy
Pink cotton-candy hair and white/cream/beige dresses (cough - wedding season - cough) by Celia Kritharioti. madwalk2012 elena pakou
My date for the night, Elena Pakou, who took the most amazing pictures for her post on Miss Bloom. madwalk2012 efi theodoridou
Alexander, I don't know if you can read us, but Cypriot designer Efi Papaioannou and Greek bouzoukia singer Natasa Theodoridou paid homage to your chess catwalk thingy. madwalk2012 angelos frentzos ilia darlin
Ilia Darling riding the black horse. madwalk2012 delight leon
DElight SS2012 on the catwalk and DElight SS2011 on singer Leon.

Those of you who need to see more, fret not. The show will be edited and aired on TV anytime soon.
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