Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Pick of the Day!

Not only is this fashion piece popular with our beloved prom girls, but they are quite coveted amongst our birthday girls too! These strapless dresses are covered in sequins and beads, have a corseted top for added security (plus it creates a beautiful silhouette), and has a built in crinoline for a 'fun' and sexy look (think Carrie Bradshaw).

Pictured above, we have added a brown fox fur stole (click HERE to learn more about how fur is green), 7 crystal and chain necklace (designed by the incredibly talented Brienna Delorey), and a feathered poppy headband to the red dress. We accessorized the pink piece with a black lace shrug (a brand new addition to the Fashion Crimes repertoire, which I personally purchased immediately!), gold mesh bib necklace, and pink fascinator. These are just 2 examples as to how to accessorize these show stopping dresses; come on in to the boutique and we'll show you many more options! Let's play dress up together!!

How can you not smile when you're wearing a crinoline?
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