Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Pick of the Day!

One of our amazing stylists, Emily, is modelling 2 new pieces to enter the Fashion Crimes realm. Beautiful gem drop earrings and a stunning tear gem cluster necklace instantly turns her 6 way convertible dress into red carpet material!
Here Emily is showing off one of our hottest new items, and just as we thought people are going crazy for them; the bendy polka dot head wrap. These satin polka dot hair accessories have a wire on the inside, so you can easily create this look in seconds, no tying necessary! They come in a variety of colour combinations, including black/white, pink/white, tan/brown (my personal favourite!), and green/navy. The hardest part will be choosing the colours you like best! Also note the gorgeous layered pearl and chain necklace she is wearing; one of the hundreds of elegant necklaces we have to offer.

Fashion Crimes still has a huge SALE going on! As if we would stop the deals because Boxing Day is over; many of our sale items are still 50% OFF THE MARKED DOWN PRICE!! Come on down you lucky girl!!
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