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Posted by Bethan Holt, Fashion Junior at Large
Vogue's February issue, with a smiling, Mom haired Arizona
Ever since February's Vogue landed on my doormat, I've developed a mild obsession with its covergirl, Arizona Muse's hair. Not because I am a long-haired girl craving a change but because her hair is the perfect version of my own style.  In fact it is my style.

Thanks to for compiling my ideal hair mood board
Since this Vogue hit news stands there has been a backlash against the style. Some people are not so receptive to what they call 'Mom hair'. The audacity! As if short hair with a feminine, slightly blow-dried swish to it was somehow the preserve only of harassed mothers of young children. wrote about this and linked to a forum where Arizona's Vogue cover was being dissected. Do these people have lives?
Some of the comments included:

"  Btw the hair is the same that both my Grandmas have"
"  I  just wish her hair wasn't so matronly"
"  From Model Mom to Mom Model"

Arizona for Fendi SS12 (image from
 Well, Fashion Junior is wading in in defence of 'Mom hair' because I love it and will probably, boringly perhaps, keep this style for the rest of my life. It kind of deserves its Mom moniker because it is the world's easiest haircut. I run most days and commute to work, so would never be faffing about with blow-drying a high maintenance long hairstyle. I also suffer from an inexplicable disgust at any hair which creeps beyond the neck. While my friends coo over each others nearly waist-length locks, I get shivers at all that dead protein lying prone on their backs. And don't get me started on ponytails.

Fashion Junior's 'Mom' hair- Do I LOOK like a Mom???

Arizona for Isabel Marant SS12 (Image from
Admittedly, both those reasons are just about personal preference but from a style perspective, Mom hair is also a winner. The look is short enough that it makes you stand out, it's fresh and it's cute. There's not the obvious girliness of long hair, but there's enough to flirt with. It's certainly not so short that you risk looking like a boy. Mark my words, I predict 'Mom Hair' will be fashionable by Spring time.

Arizona's look is a case in point. In the Isabel Marant ads she wears it natural, but in Vogue it's quiffed and curled. For New Year's Eve, I slicked mine right down for flapper-girl fancy dress. SS12 is a breath of fresh air- everything is light and pretty, but also with sporty and retro elements playing their parts. 'Mom' hair is an ideal accompaniment and can be tweaked for any of those trends.

Arizona in February Vogue, styled by Lucinda Chambers

 I know that at 24, I should probably be experimenting with dip dyeing and undercuts like most of my super trendy contemporaries, but I've always been drawn to classic, with a twist. 'Mom' hair does just that for me. Call it matronly if you like, but there's not an apron or a small child in sight in my life.
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