Tuesday, January 24, 2012


Posted by Bethan Holt, Fashion Junior at Large

It's a miserable, showery January day here in London. I'm about to face the rain to get home. Oh! How I wish a Chanel jet plane were waiting to whisk me away. Today, lucky fashion editors not only got to be in Paris but were also admitted aboard Karl Lagerfeld's couture flight of fancy; the Grand Palais had been transformed into a very chic aeroplane. It was a leap of the imagination from the sumptuous Maharajah banquet setting of the Pre-Fall collection back in December, to futuristic jet set which only King Karl could have executed. Luckily, some of the attendees were kind enough to share the setting and dresses via Twitter. Here are some of our favourite shots....

The model's exit, from @grazia_live

Before the show, from @telefashion

The Finale from @10and10men
Saskia de Brauw by @grazia_live
Poppy Delevingne's pic of the catwalk
The first look, from @grazia_live

Sam McKnight's backstage shot of Anja Rubik

 Karl walks the aisle, from @jessc_m
Cameron Diaz enjoys the show from @jessc_m

From @Grazia_Live

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