Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Double The Fashion. Double The Fun!

I (Melissa) attended my beautiful cousin Danielle's wedding over the holidays in wonderful Newfoundland, so when packing I made sure to include lots of Fashion Crimes dresses. It's a good thing I did, because my twin sister Meleny saw my electric blue strapless dress and suddenly the "what to wear?" question was answered.
Pictured above is my gorgeous sister completely owning the look with the electric blue dress (don't worry, I took it back when I left for Toronto!), wire cuff bracelet, and jet gem necklace. I am wearing one of Fashion Crimes' newest styles, the Drew Stretch in sheer passemeterie fabric over yellow lining, with my killer rhinestone owl ring and bronze dipped oak leaf earrings. It was a fantastic night, once again reaffirming that Newfie weddings are my favourite kind of weddings!
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