Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Steven and Chris, Meet Fashion Crimes...The Pleasure Is Ours!

Fashion Crimes recently made an appearance on the Steven and Chris show, providing our Hepbourne dress in purple lace for one of their fantastic make overs. Also, Dee Dagher is wearing a Fashion Crimes tiger sequin backless dress, which is perfect for a holiday party, New Year's Eve, a night out on the town, or all three! Click HERE and pick episode 56 to watch; the fashion fun starts at the 31:00 mark, where they also talk about hair accessories. Fashion Crimes provided a beautiful jeweled hair clip to bring Wendy's new look to the next level as well. And speaking of hair accessories, we have a bunch of gorgeous fascinators on SALE now for 50% off!! No need to wait until Boxing Day, the deals are here waiting for you!
Happy Holidays From the Fashion Crimes Family to Yours!!!
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