Thursday, December 1, 2011

Deal of The Week

Hello "Fashion Criminals," it's that time again. We here at Fashion Crimes LOVE the holiday season and are in a VERY giving mood. That's why this week's promotion is not just ONE item but SEVERAL items to assist you in the gift giving process this season. Here's the "Deal of the Week."

Deal #1:

Fascinators have become a big trend this season after everyone under the blue moon was spotted wearing them to Prince William and Kate's wedding. Instill that feeling of royalty within yourself by jazzing up your holiday frock with one of our beautifully crafted headpieces featured above. Add a pop of colour to that little black dress by opting for the delicate red poppy headband or add a bit of mystery with the heart shaped black and white feather fascinator. They are the perfect compliment to any dress and we want to give you the royal treatment by offering these unique creations at 50% off!!!

Deal #2:

The premiere version of the Venuswiggle dress offered in luxurious dupioni fabrics and sparkly laces is our second deal of the week. This fitted cocktail dress looks good on all body shapes and is definitely a steal at the promo price. What is it you ask? Well I think you've waited long enough. Regularly it was $399 and now YOU CAN OWN THIS COVETED DRESS FOR $49!!!!! Be sure to shop early because at this price, they are going to fly off the racks.

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