Monday, November 28, 2011

DJ Rashida In Fashion Crimes At Prince After Party!

Last week we gave you a preview of the impromptu photo shoot Cha Cha had with the ever so lovely DJ Rashida, who was currently in town touring with Prince (yes that's right, the Prince!!). Much celebrating was in order, as both shows received rave reviews, so of course there was a lavish after party. It warms our heart to no extent to see DJ Rashida looking stunning in a Fashion Crimes 6 way dress tied in a one shoulder Grecian style, with one of our many jewelled hair pieces to top off the look. Positively gorgeous!

This dress is a staple for the entire Fashion Crimes family. It comes in over 10 different colours, and you can tie it in dozens of ways (don't let the 6-way name limit you!). Not only does it look fabulous on any body shape, it is probably one of the most comfortable dresses you will ever wear! Why not come in and get a private tutor session with one of our amazing stylists? It's fun and easy!!
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