Tuesday, November 22, 2011

CityTV, Everywhere.

Wow, there is certainly never a dull moment at Fashion Crimes! Just this morning we had the awesome folks of CityTV take over our lovely boutique to do a story about the LBD (little black dress), something every woman should have at least 3 of. Our very own Kanchana (check out the blog post she wrote about DJ Rashida!) did all the on-camera magic, while I (Melissa) was a little distracted by the unattended CityTV microphone that was laying on our cash counter. How could I resist? I just had to get a picture of myself....perhaps I have missed my calling! Ron Burgundy, eat your heart out!

My little black dress: the Jezebel Wiggle in stripe suiting fabric (Not the first time you have seen me in this piece on the blog. Can't help it, I love this dress too much!). Keep checking back with us for details as to when this story will air.
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