Thursday, October 20, 2011

Halloween Window!!

Leave it to Fashion Crimes to have a unique storefront window for one of the best times of the year....Halloween! This year's theme is Villains vs Heroes, with one half of the window dedicated to the wicked, and the other half to those that protect us from the dark side.

Our fearless protectors are styled in bright, juicy colours, each with a silver masquerade mask, giving a superhero feel. I immediately thought 'Sailor Moon' when I first saw the mannequin in the pink strapless dress! Perhaps this is the superhero style of the future....

The mischievous women to the left are wearing a variation of the same mask in black, and are styled in combinations of black feathers, fringe, and fur. While these heinous creatures are slightly terrifying (there is one posing as Medusa), at least they look fabulous!!

Thanks to creative director Kat McEwen for creating such a stunning spectacle once again. To view more close ups of the Fashion Crimes storefront window click HERE. These masks, as well as a ton of other Halloween costumes and accessories, are all available at our boutique on 322 1/2 Queen Street West. Hurry! Time is creeping by, October 31st is approaching fast!
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