Thursday, August 18, 2011

Samos summer wine


It was a shame of me to always spend my summers in Samos and never having visited the Wine Museum of the Samos Vinicultural Cooperative.



This time my friends and I decided to fix that.

There's also this quite interesting perk that played a part in our decision:


After a brisk walk through the museum, you get to enjoy some wine tasting!

Here's sister Effie enjoying a glass (or two).


Quite fitting for the pic to be blurry, don't you think?

I was later even happier to discover that the Union of Vinicultural Cooperatives of Samos has issued a very cute and helpful cocktail catalogue complete with recipes, yummy pics and all, using only Samos wines (most especially the famous Samos Vin Doux, which is quite strong I tell you) using cocktail names like Vanillatini, Samos Sangria, Ginger Wine, Samos Mojito, Melon Smoothie, Samos Screwdriver and Samos Breeze. More info on the bottom of the page here.

And guess what, it's available for downloading in PDF form.

Cocktail season ain't over till we say so!

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