Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Pick of the Day!

Another terrific display makes the cut for the Fashion Crimes pick of the day! As you already know, we have a plethora of purses and bags to choose from. Today's feature pays homage to every woman who enjoys making a statement when entering a room. Make one with these sequin encrusted evening bags, which are available in gold, silver, and black. Next, you see the 3 finger rectangle gem ring, which has a stretch band so it will fit any finger! The ring is complimented by an original piece courtesy of Iris Jewelery; the hand crafted, crystal barrel bracelet is an excellent accessory in transforming a subtle look into something more WOW!

We are all quite excited for the new rhinestone flower headpieces that just came in last Friday! Again, these beautiful pieces can be worn as a hair clip or brooch, and as you can see come in a variety of wonderful colours. Laying on the grass are more of the many different types of necklaces to just hit the shelves (or display cabinets in our case!); including the Marilyn Monroe pendant in the middle, which makes us want to sing "Happy birthday Mr. President" every time we look at it!!
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