Thursday, August 11, 2011


The Alexander McQueen: Savage Beauty exhibition at New York's Metropolitan Museum of Art closed Monday night, and since then there have been articles writing about its unmitigated success.

Here are the facts in a nutshell: Between opening on May 4 and closing on August 8th, the Alexander McQueen: Savage Beauty attracted 661,409 visitors, ranking it alongside other major Met successes including Mona Lisa (1963) and Treasures of Tutankhamun (1978.) Demand got so huge the Museum extended the exhibition's run by a week, staying open until midnight on the last two nights.

An eight minute film narrated by Savage Beauty Curator Andrew Bolton

Thomas P. Campbell, Director and CEO of The Metropolitan Museum of Art said:  "Visitors from across the globe have come to see this remarkable exhibition, and we want to keep it open for as many people as possible. Indeed, these midnight hours will mark a fitting conclusion to this powerful exploration of McQueen's work."

This is great for the Met, for Andrew Bolton who curated Savage Beauty, for Anna Wintour who facilitated it, for the McQueen business and its CEO Jonathan Akeroyd.  It was also an achievement for everyone who contributed to or loaned to Savage Beauty, and of course for everyone who visited the exhibition.

But it is not great for anyone who was unable to get to New York to see it.

On Tuesday Imran Amed wrote on his Business of website that the McQueen:Savage beauty exhibition needs to travel the world. But I would like to amend that, and put it out there that the exhibition should just come home, where it belongs.

The fact remains that the exhibition should have been staged in London. It is a well known fact that most British people who have considered the matter think that the McQueen exhibition took place in New York without a forward plan to bring it to London, is a scandal.
Alexander  McQueen FW 2009

So I have humbly started a social media campaign to bring the exhibition back to the place where it belongs, where it should have been in the first place - home to London.


1. Lee Alexander McQueen was born and raised in London by Londoners.
2. He was educated at London's most famous art school St Martins School of Art, and trained on London's most famous tailoring street, Savile Row
3. He lived, worked and was largely inspired by London.
4. He began and made his name and career in London
5. He loved London
6. The Alexander McQueen business is based in London, and directed by an English designer.
6. British people want this

Alexander McQueen SS 1999

I've spoken to the Victoria & Albert Museum, who say "we would love to host the exhibition, we have spoken to the fashion house about it as we really want to present McQueen's work to our huge fashion and design audience here in the UK."

I've spoken to the team at McQueen who say "we have no concrete plans at present but are thrilled with the obvious appreciation of the exhibition at the Met and are waiting until the end of the exhibition before making any further decisions."

So, now its up to us.

Please comment on why you want McQueen: Savage beauty home and sign the petition.

Lets make this happen!  

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