Monday, July 25, 2011

Pick of the Day!

The Fashion Crimes pick of the day is the incredible 6-Way Dress! Despite it's name, the dress can be tied over 25 different ways; you just need to get creative. Today we have posted front and back images of 5 different ways to wear it, with each one completely transforming the dress! Everyone of us here at Fashion Crimes has one of these beauties in our closet because they are so versatile, easy to maintain, and best of all, comfortable. This dress is the perfect go-to dress,
as it can be worn casually or to a formal event.

Brides! This is the brides maid dress you have been looking for. You can have your girls wear all them same colour tied up in different styles, or pick a different colour for each dress and tie them all up the same. What makes this dress perfect: your brides maids will easily get more use of the dress, as they will surely wear it again after your special day instead of it living in a garment bag in the closet. Trust me, they will be grateful you opted out of the puffy sleeve,
barbie pink floor length gown!

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