Friday, July 29, 2011

Pick of the Day!

This entire look makes up the Fashion Crimes pick of the day! What you are seeing here is the Jezebel Micro Mini dress in bambi print cotton layered with a great boyfriend blazer. It adds a wonderful contrast to the dress, creating a more sleek, sophisticated look against the playfulness of the pink cotton. We also added a stretch cummerbund studded belt (which is on sale for 50% off) for that desired hint of rock and roll!

Keeping with the theme of nature and all things adorable, this look has multiple pendant necklaces. Starting from the top, we chose a 3 bird drop necklace, followed by a cute tree pendant with little birds dangling from it, and an awesome bird cage charm with a little green bird on the inside! This is just a taste of the wonderfully unusual jewellery Fashion Crimes has to offer, and with new stock arriving every day the selection just keeps on growing....

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