Sunday, May 8, 2011

Yellow & white

new 428

new 440

new 450
I love the combination of bright yellow with white! I am wearing a jacket which Micol from the amazing DIY blog Feedyourstyle made me, you should defintely check out her blog, she's got some awesome DIY projects going on! The top is from H&M, the pumps are from Zara, the pants are from Pieces and the bag is from the H&M Fashion Against Aids collection (it reminds a bit of the Jil Sander bag, don't you think?)
What I am doing at the moment, I am still enjoying the warm weather, I believe it is the warmest in the Netherlands of whole of Europe right now! Time for the beach, BBQ, cocktails and other relaxing things to do!
Enjoy your sundays sweeties!
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