Monday, March 1, 2010


The good news:
As mentioned in that previous post, I found a lovely pair of Maloles grey suede concealed platform round-toe mary janes with clips and laces, for 70% off. Bargain, no?

The bad news:
They were faulty. Meaning they were missing two fastening clips on one side of the right shoe. Probably a fault from the factory, as it looks like they hadn't been properly stitched on in the first place.

More good news:
I managed to locate both clips (with the help of the wonderful shopping assistant of Simple Caractere over at Empoli outlet) and started laying out a DIY plan for making those babies walk the streets again.

I chose my weapons (black elastic cord and metallic wire) and got down to business.

Luckily, I had a whole roll of cord (I have quite the arsenal of DIY materials at home) quite similar to the one used on the clips, but even if I didn't, cutting up a small black hair elastic would do. I cut a 15cm piece, just to be on the safe side.

Took some metallic wire, folded it in a loop, put it through both holes of the shoe and threaded the cord. Then I simply pulled it through.

I took one of ends completely out of the holes, attached the missing clip and then I repeated the procedure with the wire to take it back through the holes again.

Once on the other side, I adjusted the second black clip as well and calculated how much elastic was needed in order to have the same give as on the other shoe.

I then proceeded to tie a strong knot and cut the excess elastic off.

Fixed it! Someone would have to look really, really, REALLY carefully to spot the difference, no?

Hello my lovelies!
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