Saturday, March 20, 2010


Yesterday's RAKAS fashion bazaar/party was insane, but fun! The brands were there, but most stuff (at least those I saw) was about 60% off or so. Cheaper than retail, but still quite expensive.
For example, this Isabel Marant √Čtoile summer dress, retailing for 260€ was now down to 100€. Would I fork out that much for a linen dress with unfinished hem? No. But it was cute.
The only part of the sale that wasn't insanely crowded most of the time was the men's section. I browsed a lot there and ended up bagging a cute V-neck Vanessa Bruno Athé unisex t-shirt.
But that's not all I got...

Greyish brown lace-up booties by Pinko!
I have been flirting with them since last Fall when I saw them in-store, so when I spotted them at the bazaar, I just grabbed' em and wouldn't let go.
Walking out, we realised Asti Martini had set up a stand giving out mini bottles of bubbly. Gave in.

Overall, it was an interesting experience, but keep these few things on mind:
  • Be prepared to spend lots of time and effort.
  • Don't expect to find something you'll like, especially if your taste is more on the minimal side. All the simple, easy-to-wear pieces always get sold full retail and rarely reach 70% off.
  • If you do find something you like, check for holes and pulls. People can be quite harsh during those events, I even saw a torn-up pair of leather pants!
  • As hard as it seems, try everything on. I slipped on the Isabel Marant dress over my tank top and realised that those bust ruffles were waaaay too puffy for my liking (and bust).
  • The price on the tag is the original one, so check them out on the digital price checkers mounted on the wall to see the discounted one.
  • Don't be fooled that you can afford something just because it's 70% off. I saw an amazing Mulberry men's bag in grey leather with black straps, cute but serious and just plain amazing, 370€ down from 970€. I was tempted, but opted out. Remember, it's not saving 600€, it's spending 370€!
  • And for heaven's sake, don't go in if you have agoraphobia, ok?
The bazaar will be on today too, so if you're interested, chop-chop, hurry up! Details here.

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(sorry for the photo quality in this post, this time they're all by iPhone)
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